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Best Preschool in NIBM - Undri

Our Mission

School in NIBM
School in NIBM

Our Mission

Damara International, school in NIBM provides a safe, developmentally appropriate, nurturing environment that promotes social, emotional, cognitive and physical growth, as well as a positive self-image and a love of learning. In association with the Oxford International Curriculum, we ensure international learning standards in our programs. Our mission is to lay a strong foundation for a child’s future by ensuring-

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Best preschool and daycare in Undri

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Our Vision

Damara International aspires to create nurturing hearts with educated minds which will carry wisdom from one generation to another. We promise the holistic development of a child through a blend of the International Curriculum and Standards. We envision a comprehensive approach to educating and enriching the whole child. 

School in NIBM
School in NIBM
School in NIBM - Undri
School in NIBM - Undri

Founder’s Letter

Dear Parents and Children, Since 2000, I have had the privilege of serving young children in the field of education and early child development. I believe there is no more noble profession than being an education facilitator and no greater opportunity than being able to impact young lives and mould our future leaders. Damara International is an aspiring preschool under the ownership of Live n Laugh, a company established in 2000 with a goal to nurture young minds. Live n Laugh has been operating in NIBM-Undri since 2011 as SERRA International Preschool in association with Edvance Preschools Pvt. Ltd. Spreading our wings to soar higher, we have now evolved into our own brand, DAMARA International since March 2020 in association with Oxford International Curriculum since May 2021. I believe learning is a beautiful lifelong journey and the spark of curiosity in the eyes of young children to learn and explore more has always been a motivation for me to do more in this direction. I want to protect and nurture that spark, that fascination with the world around them and the love of learning that they have. As they grow older, I want them to be challenged academically, and to have a comprehensive, wide-ranging education.  I have been closely involved in development activities of children with India and abroad over more than a decade now. My heart lies in nurturing young toddlers into responsible global citizens of tomorrow. I am excited to continue building a strong academic foundation for children. It is my honor to serve our students, families, and societies to ensure Damara International provides the best learning experience possible.

Mrs. Samara Jagwanee


PGD in Psychology, University of London

(Specialization in Child Development)


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