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Best Preschool in NIBM - Undri

Child Care Plus


Best Child Care at Damara

At our uniquely curated Child Care in NIBM program, we have a curriculum that fosters creativity and develops Emotional Quotient in young children. Our focus is on developing various skills in children such as physical, social, emotional and communication, both verbal and non verbal, through a blend of games and other interactive activities.

Child care in NIBM - Undri

Building creativity

Child care in NIBM - Undri

Developing EQ

Child care in NIBM - Undri

Mannerisms and Etiquettes

Child care in NIBM - Undri
Child care in NIBM - Undri
Child care in NIBM - Undri
Child care in NIBM - Undri

Best Child Care in NIBM-Undri

Emotional intelligence is not rare in our children! We aim at developing a child not just academically, but holistically. We realize raising EQ is more important than IQ in young children so that they grow into responsible global citizens of tomorrow.

Damara believes in nurturing new ideas and innovations. We help children explore and discover their interests. We want them to creatively experiment with resources and come out with brilliant new ideas! Our daycare program is meant for facilitating tiny hands with valuable tools of creativity. We aim at mindfully engaging children when they are away from home!


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